“My daughter, Sarah, was one of the thousands of people who benefited from your Church’s generous gift. I cannot thank you enough. One of your parishioners was kind enough to choose Sarah’s efforts to raise funds for her service dog.
Throughout my daughter’s life, she has had one medical issue after another surface. As a child she had severe asthma and was hospitalized multiple times with pneumonia. She had kidney issues, epilepsy, and migraines all before she was ten. Right as she was entering high school, she had difficulty walking and was in constant pain. She was diagnosed with a childhood version of fibromyalgia. At about age 13, she was diagnosed with Celiac’s after losing 10% of her body weight in a two week period. She weighed less than 100 pounds at the time. When she went gluten free we thought she had made it over the hump to a more healthy life. Pain all but disappeared as did her asthma.
Two years ago she started experiencing more puzzling symptoms. Through her doctors efforts they discovered that Sarah had an issue with her blood sugar. She wasn’t diagnosed as a diabetic. Instead, she was diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia. The food she was eating caused her body to react in a negative way. Her gluten free diet became even more restricted.
She saw a nutritionist near us but it was not helping a lot. A trip to Joslin Clinic in Boston helped. Her doctor ran more tests and gave her an additional diagnosis- hyper-insulinism. Her pancreas was putting out 5 times the amount of insulin a normal person does. Because of the high amounts of insulin in her body, her blood sugar levels range between the mid 40’s to the high 70’s. The threshold that doctors like to see is between 80 and 120. Hers was consistently lower. She was unaware when her blood sugar dropped.
Sarah decided to get a diabetic alert dog to help alert her and keep her safe and to be more independent. She created a GoFundMe page and raised about $1000. It helped but she was a long way from the $15,000 needed. Her father and I supported her in her quest and we helped her as much as we could financially. Your donation has lessened her burden.
Sarah still has several more years of payments to go but Maggie, her silver lab, joined us in November of 2017 from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. She is a gift. She has kept Sarah safe and oftens beats the glucometer which Sarah uses every day. Thank you again for your most kind and generous gift. It has made a positive impact on Sarah’s life.”