Your generosity through the #PrestonMeadowGives campaign is having an impact hundreds of miles from your congregation. Greetings and gratitude from the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN! Serving in campus ministry brings a unique set of joys and challenges. The transient nature of university life results in an annual round of ‘hellos’ and ‘goodbyes’ to a good number of the community. The heavy heart that comes from watching these talented, resourceful, faithful young adults move away is made lighter knowing they are now loose in the world to use their gifts to share God’s love. It is especially heartening to hear that grads have found a faith home in their new community that encourages and shares the values those students nurtured while in college. Two such students found such a home at your congregation. We were delighted to receive a contribution from Preston Meadow Lutheran Church to this mission outpost on campus. These funds help build programming to serve as many of the 45,000 students on campus we can reach. Students come together to hear the story of whose they are. They gather in community to love, laugh, and lament. Then they head out to serve their communities. Thank you Preston Meadow for being a light in your community and for sharing God’s abundant love far and wide!