“We received a $1000 check and decided to approach this blessing as a family learning opportunity. We divided the sum up. God revealed his plan for Grace first when we went to Storybook Ranch to sign her up for horseback riding lessons. While in the office, we overheard the manager telling a couple about their therapy riding programs for special needs children and described a specific “”breakthrough”” experience a young autistic boy had after several lessons. One look from Grace and we knew $300 was going to River Ranch Educational Charities.
Faith has been passionate about basketball since Kindergarten. Participating continues to build her confidence, drive, and sense of self. She attended Nancy Lieberman’s summer basketball camp for the past 2 years. While there, she learned about Nancy Lieberman Charities which provides school supplies for underprivileged youth, in addition to funding the construction of “”Dreamcourts”” in poverty stricken neighborhoods across the US. She opted to donate her $300 to help other children via basketball.
We gave $100 to help cover medical costs for a friend facing an upcoming surgery. Finally, since this gift was a family experience–Kirk & I decided to give our remaining portion of $300 to Journey of Hope in an effort to help other families in need of support. We are thankful to the congregation members who gifted us with this project. It has been a life-changing, eye-opener for our family.”

-Kirk, Melissa, Grace & Faith