As a family, we decided that we wanted to support the Allen Community Outreach (ACO) Food Pantry to provide food to those in our city in need. Working with ACO, we determined what were their current needs and went shopping for those things so that we gave both the donation and our time. We recruited a couple of our son’s friends as well so it was a group effort. We found out that it is somewhat difficult to spend $1000 on food, so we were short. We put the balance on a gift card in addition to growing the donation by 20%. In total, we supplied 623 pounds of food and laundry detergent (and wiped out a couple of shelves in our local store). The boys had fun doing the shopping and delivering it to ACO. Thank you PMLC for allowing us the opportunity to go have some fun in the community while also helping others.

-Dan, Christine, Tyler, Abigail (and friends)