“When we received the check we had a few initial thoughts. First, there was the feeling of shock and awe… After all, who does this? Not only is this a tremendous amount of money, but those who provided the funds took the step of allowing that money to be distributed freely and randomly, without control of the outcome – in reality without even being able to know where the money went. And that led to our second thought – that we needed to be good stewards, to try and plant a seed that can grow into a fruitful tree. We had no idea that the search to find the “”right”” place for this money would present us with so many worthy causes and so many worthy people.

In the end, we decided to support a program close to the heart of a truly remarkable young woman ( our daughter-in-law’s sister) working as a Peace Corps volunteer in Rwanda. She told us about “”GLOW””, a project run by a number of Peace Corps workers through-out the country. In the words of our Peace Corps Volunteer… “”GLOW stands for Girls Leading Our World. Essentially, peace corps volunteers put on a GLOW camp once a year in august. At this camp, each volunteer brings three girls from our secondary schools in our villages. These girls range in age from 12 – 18. We select these girls from the very rural schools we work in based on their leadership abilities and hard work ethic. These girls attend GLOW camp for a week put on by us volunteers. We teach them about self confidence, leadership, health, careers, and gender equality. After a week of camp the girls return to their sites with their volunteers and create a GLOW club. In these clubs, every week the volunteers work with the GLOW girls to teach other students in their communities about all the topics stated above. Having already done GLOW club once, I can say it was easily one of the most amazing weeks of my life. Seeing these young girls build their self confidence and learn about very important topics (and then go back and relay the information to their clubs at school) was transformative. At the end of camp, girls came up to me and cried and told us how this was the most important week of their lives. Peace corps volunteers look forward to this event all year long! Our GLOW girls go on to become very important leaders in their communities and in their schools. My GLOW girls even come to help me at my health center with teaching very important lessons to the youth. We love and adore our GLOW girls dearly. The best part of this is how sustainable and long lasting this project is… “”

We have donated all of our Preston Meadow Gives funds to be used for GLOW as needed, and to contribute some additional funds where it may help to insure the girls selected can attend the camp. We thank God for leading us half-way around the world and pray that everyone directly involved with GLOW will find Grace and a path to ever better health and happiness.”

-Jim & Janelle