“We received our check from PMLC, and added some funds of our own, then applied for matching employer contributions as well. We could sense the Spirit moving as we explored ideas for the best places to give with our adult children and friends. We prayed about where God would like to work in the world, and believed we should give to places we don’t routinely give. By asking our children, niece and nephew which charitable activities could use some support, we included them in the process and learned what is on their hearts.
We felt a responsibility to give wisely and effectively. World hunger, supporting children, and foreign mission development ended up being on our hearts.

Feed My Starving Children received the first $200 because they provide meals for the short term, but also help people in need sustain themselves long term. We participated in a packing event while on the Shalom Choir tour to Chicago. While checking out FMSC, we learned our nephew’s fraternity was trying to raise money for a mobile pack event this April. That couldn’t be a coincidence, could it?

One of our close friends suggested maybe jointly giving to fight human trafficking. That was exactly the thing that fit our goals and gave us a sense of peace after prayers for direction. So, an additional $200 went to Operation Underground Railroad which focuses on child trafficking, and $100 went to Jonathan’s Place to support foster care and hopefully prevent situations that make children vulnerable to traffickers.

Our niece likes Ronald McDonald House Charities which supports families whose children are undergoing extensive medical and surgical treatment, so we sent $100 there. Lastly, because of our daughter’s interest in Asian ministries, we directed $100 to the ELCA Global Ministries designated for Hong Kong to support the growing church in Asia.

We can apply for a company match of at least $200 of these donations, which gives a minimum total donation of $1000 on the original $500 PMLC check. Above all that, we experienced the privilege of seeing where God is moving in the world and were able to help out a little bit. It was exciting to share the experience with family and friends. God loves for us to share because when we do we lift our heads up a bit more and see better all those who are around us.”