“We debated for many weeks about how we could give, so that the money could keep on giving. All the organizations we considered were more than worthy of the $250 dollars and more, but no discussion about the giving felt done or decided.
The April 1st deadline was creeping closer, so we cashed the check and the next family dinner would reveal the decision. Meanwhile God was up to something else.

Last Wednesday at school, my colleague and I were debriefing about our day and he shared that one of our student’s brother had been placed in a medically induced coma. The boy is elementary age and they cannot explain what is happening. He is at his third medical facility. The parents are at his bedside every day, praying and hoping for answers. It may be an allergic reaction to vaccines. Her received 11 and a flu shot recently.
For many days, there was confusion because the family is new to the US and does not speak English; refugees from Central America. Can you even begin to imagine how different our healthcare system is compared to their country of origin? The Dad is an accountant and looking for work, but awaiting his papers. It was several days until they received support in the form of an advocate at the hospital and through all of us as the word has spread.
They needed money to pay for parking at the hospital, gas for the car, buy food, and pay some rent where they are staying. I said to my colleague, I have money for them. Tears welled up in both our eyes, knowing this money could remove some of the burden this family is facing. I texted Dan and the girls to see if they would agree to give the money to this family and we all agreed this is where the money was to go; it felt right.
The family has been here for under a month. Staff was able to give this family $1,000. Please pray for this family, the medical staff, and the advocates that are all working hard to help this little boy and the family. Tomorrow the parents have asked another colleague of mine to help them as they have been told they will need to make some medical decisions.
The focus is for the recovery of their son/brother, but they have more barriers to overcome; employment, housing, etc.”

-Sara, Dan, Emma & Ellie