“After a few family discussions, prayer & looking inward to decide what spoke to us most strongly, we decided two things: 1) we wanted to give to a place in our community, & 2) we wanted to help with childhood hunger.
We knew there were school programs for breakfast and lunch and often these were the main ( and sometimes only meal) these children received, but what about in the Summer? We finally discovered the Summer Lunch Program through Frisco Family Services that provides nutritious lunches all through the week for no cost to the children!
Many testimonials of parents revealed not only was good food provided but also a source of connection and concern for the families too. There was a sense of belonging to a community that cared! God had lead us to where God wanted the money to go!
We were blessed though our God, our Pastor and our church to take church to the people we pass on the way to church and we we’re blessed with the responsibility we were a little concerned with to be good stewards of Gods good gifts. We soon became filled with joy and humbled by being able to participate in God’s work within Gods world!!
Blessed be God’s using of God’s earthly body, the church, by taking it out into the world and also growing our hearts in the joy of it!”

-Al & Becky