“As a family, we decided to match the $1,000 Preston Meadow Gives gift and donate the full amount to OutLast Youth whose mission is to reduce and prevent LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness in Dallas and the surrounding counties by 2020. LGBTQ youth accounts for nearly 40% of all youth experiencing homelessness. Unbelievably, at times, they are rejected by their own Christian families. In shelters, these youth are often ignored, cast aside, or bullied. OutLast Youth provides free education and training regarding the special needs of this population to service providers and shelters across DFW, including City House in Plano. They also seek to raise awareness of this problem and work with city and state officials to provide more outreach and better public policy. It is our prayer that this gift helps bring hope, healing, and care to those youth suffering from the despair of being rejected by their own families because of their sexual orientation. Lord, have mercy on us.”

–Allen, Deanne, Michael, and Natalie