“It was very important for our family to grow our gift of $500 to provide the maximum impact so that we could to honor the people that started this amazing project. It soon became apparent to our family that we wanted to honor some very close family friends by sending food and care packages to the very needy in Venezuela. We have followed the oppression and hardship of the Venezuelan people through our friends and have often talked of how we could help them. The biggest hurdle to helping these people is the high cost of shipping. Once we received our check, we knew we could use the check for the shipping and that we could collect the necessities through donations of our families and friends. Our grateful friend was in full support of our idea. We sent out an e-mail that told of the Preston Meadows giving project and included a list of items for donations that would help us fill the boxes. This was also shared by our two friends. Soon donations of food, medicine and money started pouring in. Social media also helped bring in more donations, including some from Wisconsin and even Sweden. Our donations have grown to $2,600 and even more food, medicine, baby formula, powdered milk and toiletries donated, as well. Another friend solicited Home Depot to donate the boxes and other packing supplies. We have 20 boxes ready to ship to a charity that helps to run a free urgent care facility. We hope to continue this project for as long as we can. The outpouring of support to help has been humbling and we are definitely feeling the presence of God as we continue to inspire others with our message of joyful generosity.”

-Jim, Shelly, Katie, Abby and Allison