How God’s hand reached out to us. Anne and I received the gift and as everyone else began to contemplate who do we give this gift too. We narrowed it down to two, when God stepped in and took the decision out of our hands. Last Sunday we went to brunch with good friends. I mentioned that we were debating where we should give the gift too. He mentioned City House in Plano, and what they did. Sounded like another good place to consider. When we arrived home, Anne got a call for a good friend Edith. She asked if we would go with her to a movie that afternoon. We have never done anything like that with her before, but decided to go. We don’t go to movies very often so this was not a normal occurrence. The movie: I CAN ONLY IMAGINE. A story of an abused child who made it in life despite his obstacles. Through God’s grace he was able to reconcile with his abusive father, City House takes in abused children, how many ways can God show us in one day where to send the gift. Gift was sent that same day. Please see the movie, it can be a game changer.

-Bill & Anne